Four generations of entrepreneurs, a single family: the Morganti history is identified by the passion for "enterprise" transmitted from father to son from 1927 to today. A path of continuous growth, from the first steam hammer in the Valsassina to the conquest of international markets. And always starting from solid values.

The stages of a growth path 
It’s commonly stated that a company has the print of its founder written in its DNA. This is what a lot of people call "imprinting": a mix of values, models of behaviour and attitudes that become part of the company’s identity. In other words it’s as if the company had been fashio-ned by its creator and then, in the following generations, by whoever is running it. Proof that, even before products, offices, markets and machines, a company is made up of people. And who can love his own creation more than the entrepreneur? Of course, this example doesn’t apply to the large multinationals or companies with a heavily managerial direction: the characteristics and motivations of those running them are different. But for those companies, mainly family-run ones, where the baton is passed on from one generation to the next and the entrepreneur is heavily involved in the daily management of the company, this consideration is even more alive and current. Like at Morganti SpA, a reference company at international level in the working tools and clothing sector. Eighty years of history behind it and four generations of entrepreneurs, firmly rooted in Lecco and its valleys, cradle of the Lombard metalworking industry, but always looking afar.

The Morganti Group, with its subsidiary OMEC, now occupies a surface area of over 18 thousand square metres, among offi-ces, warehouses and production facilities. It is here, in the Civate headquarters, that Sandro Morganti, with his sons Alberto and Franco, leads his company as he has done for the last fifty-five years. At 12 years old Sandro Morganti started working with his father, while still at school. Sandro Morganti’s father, Francesco, was a great forger: he learnt the job from his father, who had a power hammer in the Valsassina, cradle of the Lecco metalworking industry.

"Iwant to think of Morganti as a large family, based on authentic values: starting from honesty in personal relationships"
(Sandro Morganti)