First amongst the Italian Companies to have produced braided reinforced hoses. Tecnotubi Picena, in our days, is based on a Young qualified motivated Management staff. Dynamic and always aware and attentive to the continuous and rapid changes of the market. Constantly searching for new materials and technologies in order to create and achieve products which keep up with the advanced market demands.
Tecnotubi Picena’s article range, corresponds fully to all trade and industrial requirements. From hoses for Gardening (antigelo, braided and no torsion/kink)To professional , technical and spiraled ones, at a constantly high quality standard. For this Tecnotubi Picena is the ideal supplier/partner for those who seek, all in one, complete assortment, quality guarantee and quick and reliable service.

Furthermore, Tecnotubi Picena , thanks to its flexible production organization, offers variety of proposals and options for customized products.

Particular attention is also given to total respect of environment ,during all processes of production and disposal of industrial waste materials. For this reason Tecnotubi Picena srl gives preference to the use of Raw materials which do not contain toxic substances, but , suitable and in compliance to contact with food stuffs.

The strength of the Company is founded on all these requirements, and on this basis sees the growth of its position on the Italian and international market. Therefore, Tecnotubi Picena is not only a supplier, but a reliable business partner with whom one can study new projects, work and achieve goals year after year.